Clapping Audience


Perfect Customer Experience Consulting (PCEC), LLC helps small and medium-sized businesses create tailored customer experience (CX) solutions that make your clients feel like your products and services are tailored for an audience of one!

We provide CX consulting support that enhances customer engagement. Our curated offerings foster authentic client satisfaction, and brand loyalty.
PCEC specific offerings include:

  • Client preference discovery tools that provide data-driven insights about customer needs and wants

  • Service delivery solutions that improve customer retention rates; identify brand inconsistencies;
    and systematically develop strategies that attract your "ideal" clients

  • Customized CX systems that make your customers feel seen and heard during every phase of your  service delivery experience


We help you accurately discover and understand your

customers’ ever-changing needs and still offer services that give your  company the competitive edge


We help you achieve corporate and individual
customer experience metrics with measurable,
actionable steps


We offer a collaborative approach to designing and implementing service delivery solutions for each customer touchpoint

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Pastor Kadesha Jenkins

CEO, Founder KJ Enterprise LLC

As a serial entrepreneur, I understand first-hand the importance of providing solid customer experiences for those I serve, every single time.


Ms. Aiken is my go-to consultant whether I am organizing a global event reaching thousands or providing niche, professional services that reach hundreds of clients. 
delivers tailored, best-in-class services without exception.


Her proprietary PCEC CX solutions help me consistently deliver just what my clients need in a manner that truly exceeds their expectations.

 Joanne Bamberg -Jackson, MA, C.I.D. 

Ms. Aiken’s ability to help businesses engage customers and build strong relationships, and focus on exceeding expectations is a part of her

customized method for good customer care.


For more than 25 years, I have seen her personalized, competent, convenient and proactive
approaches to 
problem solving and decision making is an added value and asset.

 Lena M. Bretous, MD, MPH  

For more than 10 years I have worked with Ms. Aiken in corporate and service industry settings. She is excellent at
drilling down past budgets and changing industry quality standards -- both of which positively impact the overall member total experience. 


Her track record speaks to the truth that customer satisfaction creates a tipping point to repeat business.

 Michele P. Roseman, MA 

Focused. Consistent. Dedicated. These  words epitomize Ms. Aiken. The consummate professional, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with her for more than 30 years. 

Her unmatched attention to detail has helped me develop professionally. These qualities are highlighted in every aspect of her CX offerings.


While driven, Ms. Aiken always prioritizes people. This trait, alone, distinguishes her from most executives and makes working with her a joy.



President, PCEC, LLC

Rolanda Logan Aiken is a seasoned customer experience architect who has designed and executed optimal corporate and end-user service delivery engagement systems and workflows for more than 30 years.


As a C-suite, Executive for BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) of South Carolina, Rolanda has consistently designed solutions to identify customer experience gaps and increase customer satisfaction ratings. To her credit, she has developed and integrated strategies directly linked to improved BCBS satisfaction quality metrics and increased profit margins.

For faith-based entities, Rolanda successfully coordinates tailored, enhanced customer experience events for 200+ participant groups. Her strategic solutions have also improved operational efficiency and revenue generation.

From the University of South Carolina (USC), the native New Yorker earned a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (Cum Laude), a Master's Degree in Public Health, Public Health Administration (Summa Cum Laude), and was inducted into the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society.


A sought-after CX and medical industry thought-leader, Rolanda’s media credits include features in: Health Plan Innovation, Health Care IT News, and Health Leaders Media.

When people display their trust by purchasing products and services, they deserve a memorable experience.

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